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ITW Nexus Web Dominator Are Now Available

The Web Dominator is designed to secure loose nylon strap webbing and to help tie down any items that you don’t want dangling as a snag hazard . A good example of its use is securing the hydration tube or comm gear cords. Web Dominators comes in Black, Tan and Foliage Green. Price per ITW Web Dominator is php60.00.

ITW Web Dominator


ITW Ghillie Tex Tactical Links Are Now Available

ITW Nexus Ghillie Tex Tactical Links are now available. They come in Coyote Brown, Tan, Black, Foliage Green, and Red and International Orange. Price per Tactical Link is php300.00. To know more about Tac Links, here’s the link to the ITW MilitaryProduct page detailing the Tac Links.

ITW Nexus Ghillie Tex Grimloc D-Rings Are Now Available

Just added to the store are ITW Nexus Ghillie Tex Grimloc locking D-Rings. They come in Black, Tan and Foliage Green. Price per Grimloc is php160.00. To know more about the Grimloc, here’s the link to the ITW Military Product detailing the Grimloc.